Do you know what clock they used before in the past? Do you wonder how clock was discovered or how it came out? As of today there are different kind and style of clock. Now you can choose from analog or digital.

The people before used different kind of apparatus or equipments to be able to tell us what time it is. Before there are no analog or digital clock, people uses different apparatus to know the time. Among of this are the sundial, the hourglass and the water clock. In sundial the time can be indicate by the shadow that is cast by the stick or object that is stationary. The hourglass it uses find sand that can go through the tiny hole. Other name for water clocks is clepsydrae, a container that is evenly marking that has a spout where in water drip.

And from there on the clock changes its appearance in time to time. As you can see now it is much easier to know the time unlike before. It gets better as time goes by.

As we all know clock is an instrument that show or let us know the time. It is important to know what time it already to be able to perform or finish a task. Knowing the time you can finish a lot of work and other stuff if you set a certain task to a particular time. It helps in planning things.

An additional thing to remember that horology is the study if timekeeping.