Hey do you know what is a sundial ? what it look like?

Sundial is a clock in the old days that is used to tell the time by using the position of the sun. The first people had observed that during morning their shadow was long and it gets shorter and shorter until the shadow disappear when the sun overhead in the mid of the day. And during the night the shadow grew longer at the other side. Because of this observation the people had able to tell the time or if the day is almost over. Shadow of a person, tree, pole or any object that is in steady place can be used as sundial.

The earliest type of sundial is a shadow stick. With this the can tell the time by using the length of the shadow and its position. Wow people in those days really know how to improvise. The mind of a human really works in wonder and always had great ideas that can be discovered.

Isn’t I great that they discovered this kind of apparatus to be able to know the time using the position of a shadow. But now unfortunately people used sundials as a decoration in their gardens rather with its purpose. Even with this kids can learn still about this and how it works. Maybe because there are analog and digital watches such as wrist watch that can let you know the exact time of the day which is much more convenient than bringing or carrying a portable sundial.